Haven Premier Mattress Review

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Anyone who struggles to get a perfect night’s sleep should consider the benefits of the luxury comforts provided by the Haven Premier mattress.

A top -quality product at an unbelievable budget price.

This super mattress provides a full 12” thickness of premium memory foam encased in a quality quilt cover to provide the ideal mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The benefits of a Haven Premier Mattress at a Glance

For those who are short on time, below is a quick overview of the many benefits of this mattress. 

Further, into this review, we go into much more detail for those who would like more information. 

What makes this product stand out in a crowded market is the innovation using the latest technology to provide comfort, support, and durability. 

The 12” thick mattress is bonded with three layers of quality memory foam. Encased with reinforced edge support, that limits motion transfer. 

Temperature controlled foam filling avoids body overheating and the mattress comes supplied with an easily removable quilted cover to allow it to be laundered when required. 

All haven products come with a lifetime warranty, an 18 -month trial period, and totally free shipping and returns. 

All sizes of mattresses, to fit your bed frame are catered for, and prices for each are competitively priced ranging from $649-$1,149

An In-Depth Product Review of The Haven Premier Mattress

The importance of a good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle, so in this review we want you to understand not only what the mattress is made of but also the benefits of choosing the Haven Premier.

We will explore options that will allow you to make a decision to see if this product suits your particular needs. Finally, explain how easy it is to order and install this bed which is delivered in a box direct from TheHavenBed.com.

Haven Mattress Layers

The reason three layers are used is that our research has established that this combination provides the sleeper with optimum comfort.

First Layer – Buoyancy Foam Gel Infusion

The top layer of the Haven Premier is a 3” thick buoyancy foam with gel infusion that adds a degree of coolness, as well as support.

This helps to reduce any uncomfortable overheating as your body sinks into the imprint of the memory foam.

Second Layer – Transition Foam

The second layer is made up of 2” thick transition foam that is perforated to allow air circulation. This also acts as reinforced support for the top layer of memory foam to provide just the right amount of contour balanced with comfort.

The perforated layer allows the mattress to breathe and also cools the body when shifting position.

Third Layer – Support Foam

The bottom layer is made up of a 7” thick dense foam that creates a rigid foundation and provides a platform of support.

The combination of the three layers works together to provide a product that is not only supremely comfortable but also durable and hard-wearing.

Materials That Make Up the Haven Premier Mattress

This is where we explain the quality materials that are used in the makeup of the Haven Premier mattress, and why the construction of this process offers the ultimate in comfort.

Mattress Support

The prime support in the mattress is provided by three individual layers of foam fused together to create a 12” thick platform for comfort and stability.

Motion Isolation

The 3” layer of buoyancy foam provides a comfortable contour around the body and tends to avoid disturbing a partner ‘With bounce’ as you turn over in your sleep, or if you get up in the night.

Quilted Thermal Top Cover

A regulated quilted thermal top cover provides heat stability to balance body temperature to assist in the control of overheating.

This gel-infused material also conditions in reverse to provide a warm and cozy feeling when first getting into bed.

A stronger base cover provides durability and resilience to support the sides of the mattress and is easily detachable for washing, or in the unlikely event of needing to be replaced.

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Comfort Parameters of the Haven Premier

The Haven Premier is supplied on the general acceptance that the majority of people need a medium-firm mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s worth noting that most quality hotels use this benchmark for their rooms, and Haven mattresses follow suit.

If you have stayed in a high-end hotel recently it should give you first-hand knowledge of the feel of the Haven Premier.

Haven Mattress Sleeping Positions

The Haven Premier mattress is perfect for people who prefer to sleep on their backs, and also for those people who like a firmer feel. However, side sleepers should also find this mattress comfortable too.

If you are predominantly a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper there the Haven Boutique mattress may be more suited to you.

The medium-firm feel is also ideal for people who occasionally sleep on their sides.

Body Weight

Being a medium-firm mattress, the Haven Premier will suit most sleepers weighing up to 230 lbs. These folks should experience minimal sinkage and moderate contouring.

If in doubt, the 18 -month trial period (1) will allow a person to get a free refund if the mattress isn’t exactly right for you.

The Haven premier mattress provides the perfect balance of cool soft comfort combined with support.

If sleeping with a partner, the three-layer construction also reduces the rippling bounce helping to ensure harmony at bedtime.

Benefits of the Haven Premier Mattress

Cool Sleep

From its inception of use in mattresses, memory foam has been regarded as being too soft and too hot to provide a decent night’s sleep. However, this problem has been overcome in the Haven premier quality mattress. 

The combination of the gel-infused quilted cover coupled with the three individual supporting layers of varying density foam has proven to have found the perfect balance.

We would say however if you are a person who generally retains a lot of body heat when retiring to bed, we would ask you to keep an open mind and try the mattress out for yourself first. 

Any new sleeping arrangement may feel different to start but generally, the construction of the Haven Premier has dispensed with the initial drawbacks associated with the fore-runner memory foam mattresses.

Edge Support

The edge support of a mattress is something that is overlooked by many purchasers but is an important indication as to the quality of the product. 

A well-supported edge not only allows for use of the complete mattress but also makes it much easier to rise and exit the bed from sitting on the side.

The 12” thickness of varying degrees of dense memory foam provides the Haven Premier with a consistent surface as well as a supported perimeter.

Motion Isolation

A major advantage of the Haven Premier three-layer construction is the reduction of motion transfer.

This is the annoying thing that happens most usually on a sprung mattress when one person turns over and disturbs their partner.

The combination of the varying density layers provided in the Haven Premier reduces the ripple effect of movement and offers a peaceful night’s sleep to both you and your partner.

Haven Premier FAQ’s

Each day that passes, more and more products are bought online and delivery has been fine-tuned to be quick and efficient. These days you can even view and buy a car online and have it delivered on approval for a week, so why not a mattress?

Below we will run you through the process of ordering the Haven Premier mattress online, as well as the peace of mind you will obtain by dealing with a customer-focused company like TheHavenBed.com.

Haven makes buying a mattress online not only extremely convenient but also an enjoyable experience.

Delivery and Unpacking

Once you have decided the size mattress you require ranging from twin up to the king, place your order online, and expect your delivery via ground shipment within 2/3 weeks.

Free Delivery is included in the price and, also free returns, in the unlikely event that you need to send the mattress back for whatever reason.

The Haven Premier has been designed and made in the USA.

Your mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty and 18 months trial period. As you can see from the above TheHavenBed.com, is dedicated to providing a quality product, and exceptional service to ensure happy clients.

When Your Haven Mattress Arrives

Your mattress will arrive rolled up in a box. This makes it easier to ship to you as well as making it easy for you to place the mattress in the room and position of choice before opening.

Place the box on your bed base before opening it and release the holding bands.

The mattress will unroll of its own accord and the memory foam will gradually expand to naturally reach its optimum level of a full 12” of comfort and support.

A couple Unboxing a Haven Bed Mattress

Is There a Haven Premier Discount Coupon?

Although The Haven premier range is already competitively priced, an example being the Queen size for $949, the company wants to make sure as many people as possible can benefit from the comfort provided by this quality product.

To ensure customers are provided with the ultimate shopping experience, Haven does occasionally run special offers. See below for details.

Final Thoughts

With the increasing stresses and pressures of today’s modern-day lifestyle, it is more important than ever to get a refreshing night’s sleep.

The three-layer density memory foam encased in a cooling quilted cover has the potential to provide the perfect slumber. Link to this the benefits of an 18 month trial period, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty plus special discount offers, and there is little reason not to buy today.

The benefits, as listed above, make the Haven Premier the mattress that can offer the pathway to sweet dreams and a relaxing night’s sleep at an unbelievable price.

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